The food went are eating is enough for our body

We are eating different kinds of food with situation we belong . The food we eat doesn’t contain all the food supplements for our body some we should take orally extracted from chemicals, animals , and plants but we take them differently like eye q chews. Food supplements means fish oils, vitamins , minerals etc. These we take as tablets or capsules.

Is food supplements essential?

Yes these are most important for humans . Fish oils consist of amino acids which are taken orally in our diet. It doesn’t build naturally in our body. There are different kinds of fish oils like eye q children eye q baby, eye q family etc. It consist of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and EPA, DHA, GLA are most important in amino acids these are in the ratio of 9:3:1. These help baby in the growth of brain and eyes. Pregnant woman take this for placenta brain and vision development.  In adults helps in synergistic and balanced formulation to support body individual needs

Why should we take vitamins and minerals oral spray

We take vitamins orally for scarcity in the body causes several diseases. We take vitamin d absorbed by soft tissue develop bone, teeth and healthy immune system. It delivers directly to the bloodstream. Vitamin B12 develops normal psychological functions and energy release and reduction in tiredness and fatigue . Ostecare liquid contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin d and zinc maintenance of normal bones provide rich source of calcium.  Blend of nutrients maintain normal blood pressure and heart muscle function  magnesium and minerals are sub necessary for life they maintain normal muscle contraction. Potassium plays important role in maintaining muscle function.  Vitamin B6 B12 , iron and magnesium helps in reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Cardio tablets contain L-carnitine, co-Q10 vitamins, minerals, flaxseed oil, carotenoids  these maintain all round  health specific nutrients. They help in normal functions of the heart and heart circulation. Mental illness tablets are also present they contains iron, zinc  and iodine they help in cognitive function.  Mental performance requires optimal functioning of brain cells and complex neuronal network


Our body doesn’t contain all the requirements need to work some are naturally came some are taken through our diet but still some are not given throw these two they are taken by capsules orally they are taken compulsory for our lives

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