What Are Nicotine Salts?

If you are new to the world of vaping, you may have seen the term nicotine salts when looking at the vast array of available e-liquids. Nicotine salts are trending with vapers in the know, and many e-liquid manufacturers are adding these to their products as demand increases. However, many vapers are oblivious to this product and have no idea what they are. Below is a summary of what they are and whether they may be suitable for you so you can decide if you are going to give them a try in the vape device you use.

An Explanation Of Nicotine Salts

The standard nicotine you use in your vaping device is commonly known as freebase nicotine, and it is a pure form of nicotine taken from tobacco plants. Most of the e-liquids available to purchase are freebase, and ammonia is added to the pure nicotine to make what you vape. However, salt nicotine e-liquid is slightly different, and it contains organic compounds other than nicotine. Nicotine salts are considered a compound as they form together with other chemicals, which changes their properties. Studies have shown that nicotine salts are much more efficient at getting into your system, perfect for people trying to quit smoking.

The Benefits Of Vaping Nicotine Salts

One of the most significant advantages of using nicotine salts in your vaping device is that it gets into your system quicker than freebase nicotine. On average, you can feel the effects within 6-7 seconds, giving you that hit when you need it quickly. You can also save money when using this type of e-liquid as you tend to vape less, as nicotine is delivered more efficiently. The shelf life of nicotine salt e-liquid is also longer than freebase nicotine, so you can stock up when the sales are on and fill your cupboards, saving you even more money. Vapers who use this also enjoy its smoothness and the mild throat hit you feel, so if you have not tried these, you may want to give them a go.

Plenty Of Flavours From Which To Choose

As nicotine salt e-liquid is becoming increasingly popular with vapers, the choices of flavours of e-liquid are improving. There are many flavour profiles available, and there is something for all tastes if you look hard enough. No matter what your favourite flavours are, you will find there is a nicotine salt alternative available. Some of the popular flavours include:

  • Fruity Flavours – Strawberry, lime, kiwi, peach, passion fruit, mango, raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, raspberry, watermelon, lemon, apple, cherry, to name but a few.
  • Dessert Flavours – Peach cobbler, key lime pie, apple pie and custard, lemon tart, strawberry shortcake, banana waffle, cherry bakewell.
  • Outlandish Flavours – Tuna, garlic, crab legs, roast chicken, butter, black pepper, bacon.
  • Tobacco Flavours – Vanilla tobacco, menthol tobacco, straight tobacco, caramel tobacco, Virginia tobacco.

Whatever your preferences are, there is an ideal vape juice for you if you look for it, and it can enhance your vaping experience when using vape juice with nicotine salts. Visit your local vape shop or online store where you purchase your vape juice and give nicotine salts a try, and you will not regret it.

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