Marine Collagen – Its Benefits For Skin & Nails

The latest buzz in the beauty industry is the use of Marine collagen. This is a form of protein that is extracted from fish eggs and considered by most researchers to be one of the best sources of protein available today. According to the studies, collagen is produced by our bodies naturally. However, with age, the body’s ability to produce collagen depletes and the skin loses its natural elasticity.

One of the biggest benefits of ingesting marine collagen is improved skin hydration and collagen synthesis, which can result in reduced wrinkles and fine lines, and increased firmness and elasticity. If you’re keeping up with current beauty and anti-aging trends, odds are that you’ve heard of Fish and Marine collagen. It is often touted as a breakthrough in skin care technology because it is one of the few forms of collagen that can be obtained from living tissues. This means it is both bio-available and able to be absorbed by the skin. Now, we want to take a look at how this particular protein works.

The secret to the success of ingesting marine collagen is the way that it is made. Marine collagen is created by exposing chicken eggs to essential amino acids and heat, causing the peptides to change state from a liquid, semi-solid form to a semi-permanent gelatin structure. In order for this process to work, there must be enough of the necessary amino acids present to allow the proteins to change shape. The problem is that the levels of these essential amino acids are depleted during many cooking processes, including frying and baking, rendering many products ineffective.

So, what do we have to turn to if we want to find an effective natural product? We have to turn to the protein derived from sheep’s wool. It is this ingredient that we are going to be looking at in this article, since it is the only one that can be directly sourced from the body. Although, using animal derived collagen peptides for skin care purposes is still effective, it is quickly depleted when heat is used on them. One of the best uses for them is in the development of natural face-shaping creams and lotions, since they can easily be absorbed into the epidermis with relative ease.

As mentioned earlier, the primary goal of supplementing with collagen and amino acids is to improve bone strength. They do this by increasing the rate of collagen turnover and the production of new cells, as well as promoting a greater amount of bone strength in the bones. Using a topical gel or lotion based in marine collagen is a great way to achieve this, since it is able to penetrate deep down through many layers of the skin to the bone. Because it is a gel, the ingredients are able to remain suspended in the epidermis for a longer period of time, allowing for better, more even distribution.

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