Common Signs of Drug Abuse in Teens That You Should Look Out for as a Patient

As children grow up, they undergo many challenges that make most of them indulge in drug abuse and other social pressure activities. Most parents do not realize that their children are experiencing drug addiction until medical conditions arise, and it calls for these parents to look after their children. There are many things that one has to undergo when dealing with teen drug abuse. This includes resistance from the affected individual and being negative about the rehabilitation program. You can spot common signs in your teen child, and secure help for them before the addiction surpasses the manageable limit.

Poor performance in school

Most teens that start abusing drugs when in school have a problem with managing their studies. This is because drugs affect their concentration in studies and the ability to retain what they are taught. The student starts performing poorly, which gives the administration the decision to expel them after other resulting behaviors. A rehab center helps in teen drug abuse.

Bloodshot eyes

Drugs such as alcohol and bhang give the abuser bloodshot eyes. Not unless your child has had other conditions related to the state of the eyes, you should take this condition seriously and take them to a health institution and have the problem checked.

Laughing for no reason

Hallucination is one of the effects of drug abuse, and this is seeing or experiencing imaginary things. If you find your teen child staring or laughing with no reasonable cause, you should enquire about what they are going through or consider taking them to therapy. Should you notice that the patient suffers from consistent hallucinations, you should always ensure that they are under proper care. This is to ensure that they do not hurt themselves or the people around them.

Loss of interest in activities

If you are used to hanging out together for lunch on weekends as a family and one of your teen children does not seem to sit well with this, you should understand where the problem is. Most of the reasons why they do not find your company vital to them, maybe probably due to the company they are with. Always ensure that you understand the kind of company your child keeps and the places they visit when they are free.

Poor hygiene

Abuse of drugs and other substances makes one neglect their appearance, making them look disorganized and dirty. You can notice this by spotting unkempt hair as well as putting on dirty clothes. Seeing a change in your children’s hygiene should not be taken lightly at all.

Frequent hunger

Abuse of drugs and substances makes one develop a very high appetite. This is because drugs tend to alter the functioning of the body, making it demand more. However, an increased appetite is not only caused by drug abuse; monitor their eating habits and take them for a checkup.

The smell of smoke on clothes

If you have come across the remains of cigars and the smell of smoke on your child’s clothes, you need to investigate this more. Others even tend to start doing their laundry with the fear of getting caught; any suspicious activity in their bedroom or personal items should be a huge concern.

Unusual tiredness

Drug abuse makes the body weak and therefore not in a position to handle small tasks. If you have noticed this with your children to the point that they do not help around the house, you should be very cautious. Teens also tend to be rebellious when abusing drugs, and this is because they tend to think that you are suspicious of what they are doing.

Pointing out various signs of your teen drug abuse is very important. This is the only way to help them at an early age and prevent more damage to their bodies.

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