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We live in an age of an emotional epidemic. Don’t break out the mosquito repellent, I’ll explain…
As a mom you feel you work to be everything you are supposed to be, and
even though you are enough for everyone else- you feel that something is
missing. You are stuck in an anxious mom-rut – You are sick of feeling lost, anxious and overwhelmed.
But where do you go from here?
With so many “self-help” resources all over the place – you can actually have
a panic attack just trying to sort through all the various resources on how to
get through a panic attack.
To top it off there’s the answer to everything- THE GOSPEL.
You’re reading your scriptures, going to church, keeping your covenants,
and you thought you had faith but maybe you just need more? Your
emotional life is still through the toilet.
As a mom:
  • You don’t have the time to read piles and piles of books on emotional health.
  • You don’t have the time the time to go back to school and get a degree in psychology.
  • You don’t have the money or time to go to a therapist- or you need something for in between
  • You need something more lasting than a weekend conference boost that lifts you up in the moment but doesn’t last in the day to day of motherhood.
Whether you just need to add something new to your life, or you sometimes struggle to get out of bed from overwhelm — you’re in the right place.
Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you want something better; for you, your family, and God. You want to go from crappy to happy.
But maybe you…
  1. Believe that you aren’t caring for yourself because you are caring for them (kids and husband).
  2. Believe there is nothing more out there for you as a stay at home mom, or a career mom, or an in-between mom.
  3. Believe it is normal to feel anxious and depressed, and that this is part of motherhood.
  4. Believe there is nothing you can do about any of this.
I used to believe those things too…
Mindy Lewis, laughter, emotional wellness, motherhood, LDS

I am Mindy Lewis and I am passionate about strengthening, uplifting, and renewing moms from the inside out.

How did this become my passion?

In May 2017 my husband and I went on a trip to Nashville, and it was
there in the hotel room- and while on vacation- that I decided to wake up to my life. In the morning hours of early light I started listening to the best books on relationships and human emotion. This knowledge changed the way I viewed myself and my family relationships.

I felt that this insight, though it was life-changing to a certain degree- lacked the depth- understanding-and focus of gospel principles.

I knew that the more specifically I understood myself in relationship to God the better I would feel. So I tried an equation I hadn’t seen before:


And it kind of totally changed my whole life. It took over a year, a lot of tears, a lot of books, a lot of everything all at once. But I came away a new person, not only for myself- but for my family and for GOD. I was actually on His path to progression more than ever before.


When I really started to master this, we moved and our lifestyle significantly changed. My husband, Brad, started full-time school.

It was at this time that all of the knowledge I had gained throughout the year was tested- and it held up! Not only had I felt like a better, happier person- I was also able to weather major life changes to a totally new degree. The most life-changing breakthrough has been learning compassion for myself and compassion for the world around me. Seeing the incredible personal, spiritual, and relationship affects this application of knowledge had for me-


  1.  There was a program combining ALL of the resources I had curated along the journey- spiritual and temporal.
  2.  If that program existed, that I had had it sooner.


I want to help you on your personal journey

If you want to stop living from moment to moment. Waking up overwhelmed, lost, and anxious. Feeling guilty, isolated, depressed in your daily life. Trying to make a change only to feel shut-down, tired and resentful.
If you feel at odds with how life “should be” and what it really is…OR if you are just stuck in a rut and are looking for something lasting…

My courses speak about concepts like:

  • How to find daily happiness
  • What causes anxiety and overwhelm and what you can do about it.
  • How to find lasting joy in the very life you live.
  • Finding your personal identity, freedom & growth.
  • How to be better for your family and kids.

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You are so. totally. awesome. You are a daughter of God with unlimited potential. He hears you, He knows you, and He also wants you feel better in your daily life- and so do I.

– Let’s do this!