10 Abundance Affirmations

    Ever feel weighed down by “not enough” thinking and want some powerful abundance affirmations? Here are 10 abundance affirmations that will help get you out of that mode of scarcity and into thinking of the great abundance God has put into your life. 

  1. I acknowledge the positive things in my life.

  2.  I express the feeling of gratitude often for the blessings in my life

  3. I love myself and believe I am worthy of abundance to flow to me

  4. I allow the flow of abundance in all aspects of my life

  5.  I attract success and abundance

  6. I radiate positive, loving energy and that is what comes back to me

  7. I take action towards my goals of abundance everyday

  8. I let go of negative influences and energy that do not serve me

  9. I know that abundance is unlimited and that my abundance will benefit others

  10. I am generous and give my unique gifts to the world

How to use these 10 Abundance Affirmations

When you start the day, begin by reciting to yourself these 10 abundance affirmations. Look yourself in the mirror and try and make eye contact when you are reciting them. Teach your kids these 10 abundance affirmations and help them to recite these abundance affirmations back to themselves once or multiple times a day.

What can using 10 Abundance Affirmations do for you?

Reciting these 10 abundance affirmations will give you the daily boost to remember what you are grateful for and find joy in the small things. Affirmations are a great way to re-train your brain or further train your brain for positive and uplifting thinking.

What Next with 10 Abundance Affirmations?

If you want more affirmations about self worth and your divine nature, check out my 7 day course for emotional health for LDS moms- Making Time for Mom where I have included audio affirmations to listen to daily in order to have more peace, love, and abundance in your day!

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