How to get out of the perfectionist trap

How did we get here? Feeling overwhelmed, stuck in the day to day of procrastination, shame, guilt. So how do we break free of this perfectionist trap? Especially if we’ve been in it for SO long. I specifically go over how to get out of perfectionism in detail in my course- Making Time for Mom.

Here’s 2 things to consider in breaking free of the perfectionist trap:

    1. Put the term “perfectionism” in its place. Perfectionism can be a mask for something deeper. It is a lot easier to take it at face value than to find what the root cause of those tendencies are; does it have to do with how others perceive you? Dig a little deeper to what it really means for you.

  1.  Start a practice of being more vulnerable. Vulnerability IS the source of connection in relationships. This perfectionist trap can keep you from making great connections if we are trying to be perceived above the human condition at all times.

Want to get out of the perfectionist trap? Download my free Emotional Wellness starter kit to get a fresh view of what emotional awareness can mean for you. Try  reaching out to someone and letting your guard down, it could be starting something that you are not good at but continuing to try even if you struggle. It could just be allowing others to see you without makeup on.

Especially as moms with high standards- we can feel bombarded by ideals at every turn. Make some time for you in order to understand why you see yourself as a “perfectionist” in my 7 day jumpstart course for LDS moms: Making Time for Mom- where we dive into setting up an emotional foundation. We can do this, and in the process we can find better love towards others and ourselves.

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