Anxiety and Motherhood

Anxiety in motherhood can look like perfectionism, like tapping your foot constantly because you can’t slow down, like being really really busy, like eating chocolate cake at 11pm, like having the perfect clean house, like not being able to get out of bed, like having your kids look perfect everyday, like not having your kids look perfect everyday, like having fast heartbeats and feeling like you might pass out just when walking down the aisles at Walmart.

Some ways that you may experience anxiety in motherhood is just through racing thoughts or having to “numb-out” with Netflix often. We can become addicted to the things that settle anxiety- food, media, work, play – pretty much anything can be used as a “buffer” to the un-wanted feeling of anxiety. But where does it come from? What is it?

What is Anxiety in Motherhood?

Anxiety is focused on the future, is being unsure, it is being vulnerable, it is feeling out of control. Who doesn’t feel these things? But it is more than just that, it can greatly affect lives and stop joy right in it’s tracks. It might be something that stops you from taking time to take care of your anxiety in motherhood in the first place! You may be anxious to start something new, like my 7-day program for Emotional Health for LDS moms. Even the idea of doing 15 min a day of self care for YOU might make you feel anxious.

What do we do About Anxiety in Motherhood?

The first step (which is usually always the first step) is to become aware of our feelings. Accept that you are feeling ANXIETY, say the word- say it out loud- say it to your friend. Get out of the shame bubble that you are above the human condition.

We are humans made up of different needs- physical, spiritual, and emotional. If any one of those needs are out of balance- our lives become out of balance as well. An overabundance of spirituality is not going to make up for a lack of emotional health- and it might show up in other ways- like physical health. So to be former Mom anxious-to -current anxious Mom with you, let’s lead out on dealing with our anxiety. We’re all in this together, us + God + each other= nothing is impossible. There is always going to be some push-back, the more you allow yourself to recognize your anxiety in motherhood the more anxiety you might actually feel! But things will get better, the sooner you get going- the sooner you take action- the sooner anxiety has no room to stay and joy can take it’s place. 

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